About Angie

Angie is  a Certified Master Groomer with the National Dog Groomers Association of America! She traveled all the way to Colorado to take two written and two practical tests on the Sporting & Non-Sporting groups and then in Oct. she traveled to Iowa to take two practical tests in the Terrier group and two written tests (including one Master exam). She is happy to say that she not only passed all the tests, but her average scores were high enough to be a Master Groomer! As of Oct. 2009, there are only two certified Master groomers that are registered in the state of MN with the National Dog Groomers Association of America! 

Thank you for your interest in Angie's Groom 'N Board. I have been grooming and caring for dogs since 1988. Having seven dogs  and two cats of my own, I understand the importance of quality pet care. Understanding the needs and concerns for your pet we built our brand new facility around the pet's needs. I wanted a place that I would feel comfortable boarding my own pets. All of my pets, with the exception of one, were either from the animal shelter, rescued, or needed a forever home.

My pets ARE my kids! "Beamer"  graduated from Pet Therapy in the Spring of 2007 and also got his Canine Good Citizen award. He now enjoys nursing home visits! "Sureena" I adopted from the Headwaters Animal Shelter (next door to us) has been going to FlyBall lessons in Bemidji. 

She is very enthusiastic about chasing balls, so now we can put that into a sport! It is fascinating to watch your dog become such an incredible "athlete"! In March 2008 I  enrolled my dog "Beamer" in FlyBall.  Despite his size my little "Beamer" is quite the athlete! 

He is doing amazing in Agility class and his personal best 5km time that we ran together in a local running event was 22:19! I am so proud of him! Best of all he LOVES to do it! Of course we can't forget about the two recent additions, "Peanut" and "Tawny". "Peanut" is started flyball classes in the Summer of 2010 and is amazing! "Tawny" is a skijoring fanatic! She is so fast and so strong I'm a little paranoid to take her to a race! Of course both "Tawny" & "Peanut" were rescue dogs like the others. 

I love them so much and can't imagine my life without them! Below is a photo of myself (and a fellow PBDTA member/trainer) and our dogs after an agility contest. Sureena took home 1st place and Beamer 3rd. The ramp behind them is just one of the obstacles that they have to go over.Speaking of athletes........ my two "big girls" (that I had adopted through the animal shelter), have now officially participated in 2 skijoring events! 

They do pretty good considering we don't get alot of practice in (since there aren't many places, if any, that allow dogs on the ski trails unfortunately). So, we just kind of "wing it" and have fun! Our last race was in Duluth, MN in early Feb. We placed 7th out of 14 entries. Believe it or not, we average around 12 mph! Here are a few photos from that day. If you would like to read a little story about my first little skijoring adventure (and be in for a laugh!).