(Above photo was taken at the Annual Tails on the Trail Walkathon and Pet Expo. in Heartland Park, Park Rapids, MN. A fundraiser for the Headwaters Animal Shelter. Always the first Saturday in June! This was a flyball demonstration) Do you have a high energy dog or a dog that loves to chase tennis balls?!? If so, come and learn about the sport of FLYBALL! A relay race over hurdles, triggering a box that releases a ball while catching and carrying it across the finish line. Flyball is open to any breed or mixed breed dog: they go wild for this sport! Flyball training is good exercise for dogs and something different from traditional obedience, conformation or agility competitions. Handler of all ages, from young kids to senior citizens are involved in this sport. Your dog DOES NOT have to be top notch obedience dog to excel at flyball. It truly is a dog sport for everyone!

Here at Angie's Groom 'n Board, we will be offering flyball classes! Angie has successfully trained three of her own dogs that compete everywhere from Canada, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa!

The classes will be for 6 weeks (meeting once a week). We will focus on basic foundation work and building up from there. It is very important to know that Angie can teach you the basics, but you will have to do "your homework" with your dog and practice what you have learned at class for real success. Do not be discouraged, some dogs learn quicker than others and it takes a lot of patience and a positive encouraging attitude! Keep it fun! You and your dog will reap the rewards and benefits of a fun sport!

We have limited space, so reserve your spot early!

Classes will begin around 6:00 p.m., lasting approximately 1 hour. Give us a call to find out when our next class starts.

Prior to class your dog should:

  1. Be current on vaccinations (Bordetella, DHPP, Rabies).
  2. Love BALLS! Although most dogs love tennis balls, tiny balls and squishy balls are also allowed.
  3. Be able to somewhat retrieve a ball.
  4. Do a recall. (Dog knows to come back to you). It is okay if they don't give you the ball, just as long as they  come back to you.
  5. If you have a "dog aggressive" dog (doesn't like other dogs), this sport may not be for you. There are a lot of racing/running dogs and it would be dangerous for your dog and other dogs, to be in the same environment.
  6. HIGH ENERGY! :) Finally an environment that encourages lots of hyper activity in dogs!

Here is a fun video montage of some flyball competition!

And, here is the N.A.F.A. flyball page with rules, results etc.


  1. The application and waiver (unless you already submitted it online) click  here to download.
  2. Long leash or a "Flexi-Leash", to help with recalls.
  3. Treats or favorite toy for your dog. This will be used for rewards after your dog has successfully does what you ask it to do.
  4. Your dog's favorite balls!
  5. Clicker, IF you use clicker training.
  6. Payment for classes. $60. In addition, if you would like to take home some of the props or training aids, you will be required to put down a $20 refundable deposit.