If you are reading this I will be under the assumption that you have a dog and truly understand the love and joy they bring in  your life. You also understanding how much a part of the family they are. With that being said, you know that you would give anything to make them as happy as they make you!
Here at Angie's Groom 'n Board, we are located on over 9 acres of beautifully partially wooded trails. On that property I have created a dog park in memory of my sweet girl Tawny.

Tawny passed away in January 2015 from bone cancer, she was only 6 years old. Nine months earlier she had her back leg amputated in hopes that it would keep the cancer at bay. Not even losing a leg slowed her down. She kept her chin up and persevered. But, eventually the cancer came back and caught up to her. It took away the twinkle in her eyes and the spring in her step The last day she was with us, she told me with her eyes it was time for her to go to a better place. It was the hardest day in my entire life. I can't even begin to tell you the heartache I have been going through since losing her. I cry every time I think of her, and even as I write this. When she was a pup (and right up until the day before she died), she would run on those trails and play in the open field. She was at her happiest when she was out in the park area. I'm trying to turn my tears of sadness into something to cherish and honor her memory.

I created a beautiful dog park in her memory! I would like other dogs to share what she experienced running and playing in that area. I have so many ideas and fun things planned. Everything from hiking trails, lure coursing days, an agility area, dog training classes and even snowshoeing in the Winter! 
Unfortunately our pets are with us for such a short time. Let Tawny dog park create lasting memories that you can cherish forever!


Joining Tawny Dog Park is easy and it starts with calling us 218-732-9862 to set up a temperament test. Please be patient, we have the other business to run that requires our attention. If you show up at the park without an appointment we may not be able to do a temperament test (required for entry). If your dog passes the temperament test, you fill out some paperwork (information page, rules and contract), purchase a membership and away you go!

Registration/temperament test (one time only fee) $20 
*Day Pass (per dog).................$4
Month to month dues (first dog).......$25 per month
(additional dog).......................$10 per month
Four months Dues (first dog).............$80
(additional dog)........................$20
**Year Dues (first dog)......................$220
(additional dog).........................$50
***Discount for Four Month Dues.........$60

*Passes are available only for dog who are already registered members.
**Yearly memberships get into all activities and events no extra charge!
***Discount Dues apply to, therapy and service dogs with prior approval.