*NEW* Multiple Pet & Extended Stay Discounts!!

3 Pets you get 10% off

4 Pets you get 20% off

Board your pet for an extended stay to receive a discount based on how long they stay starting at 10 days with 10% up to 50 days with 50% off!

Discounts may be combined for an even greater deal!!

*At least one kennel must be shared and dogs must live in the same household.

**Discount does not apply over major holidays

Medium Runs: $14
Large Runs: $17
Doggy Daycare $10 (Includes a nature trail hike on our beautiful 9+ acres of wooded land!)

 We have 42 indoor outdoor 100% climate controlled runs. There are 17 medium sized runs, 24 large runs and 1 super size run. The large and medium runs are the exact same length, the medium runs are just more narrow. The entire run (inside and out) has heated flooring for maximum comfort as well as central air in the Summer. . Soothing music is played 24 hours a day. Prices listed below include a minimum four (usually a lot more depending on the weather & how busy we are)outside exercise times in one of our 8 eight foot high enclosures. Only dogs in the same household will be allowed in the same exercise area. Please let us know if your dog is capable of getting over a 6' high fence so that we can have a tie out for it inside the fence. Dogs will be fed twice a day. We do have dog food we can feed your dog unless you prefer to bring your own. We do recommend your own dog food since a change of environment and anxiety may already interfere with their digestion. Keeping your dog on it's own food may help keep its stomach calm.

Rates listed below are for DAYS. You must pick your dog up by 1p.m. or you will be charged for an additional full day. For example drop off Monday afternoon, pick up Tuesday 3 p.m., you will be charged for TWO days. Please keep in mind on "major" holidays, there will be no pick up or drop off available. Rates listed below do not include sales tax. Sunday pickups count as one full day (for example: drop off Friday and pick up on Sunday during normal business hours would equal a 3 day stay).

We have a 72 hour cancellation policy. We do put your credit card # on file when you reserve a space for boarding over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We DO NOT put a hold on  your card or charge any amount unless we are NOT notified of your cancellation 72 hours PRIOR to your arrival date. Failure to notify us of your cancellation may result in a 2 day charge for non-holidays and a 3 day charge during holidays and peak times. 

Inside View

Medium Runs

$14/day (shown above and below on the right side of the aisle)
(each additional dog in the same medium run $12)
6' high by over 14' long and 2.5' wide (30 square feet). Fleece bed included. 

Large Runs

$17/day (shown above on the left side & shown below photo)
(each additional dog in the same large run $15)
6' high over 14' long and 3.5' wide. Large 3'X3' fatigue mat & fleece bed included. 

Super Size Run

Super Size Run is $20/day (not shown) (each additional dog in the same run is $17)
Ideal for extra large breeds or a large "family" of dogs. That Is A Super Size Run.

Kitty Condo

 $9/day (additional cat in the same condo $8)
Cats are kept in a separate cat room away from the boarding dogs. They will get to stay in a "kitty condo" which has 3 levels inside. They also get let out in the room to exercise and play in the "kitty tower" and look out the large window. 

Extra Fees


  • Dispense medications/vitamins: $1 per dose
  • Toe Nail Trim: $6
  • Additional exercise time: $5 per 15-20 minute time period
  • Nature trail walk (3/4 mile walk on our 10 acre wooded trail): $5
  • After hours pick up or drop off $25
  • HOLIDAY RATES: Add $3 per day - Holidays include, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve & day, Labor day, Memorial day, New Years eve. and day.