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Boarding Application And Release Form

(You may have your vet. fax your pet's vaccine information to: 240-220-1114)

You may print out this form by clicking Here.

Vaccination  dates are required (we may call your vet. to confirm your vaccinations)
Owner Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Other Phone
Zip Code
Emergency Contact Other Than Yourself
Pet Name
Male Female
Yes No
Date Of Birth
Vet Phone Number
Date of last Rabies Vac - Dogs (Needed every 2-3 years) REQUIRED FOR STAY
Date of last DHLPP Vac - Dogs(needed every 2-3 years) REQUIRED FOR STAY
Date of last Bordetella Vac - Dogs (needed every 6-12 months)REQUIRED
Date of Feline Rabies - Cats Only
Date of PCR - Cats Only
Does your dog have aggressive behavior towards people/other dogs?
Yes No
Can your dog get over a fence 6 " high?
Yes No
Any objections to giving your pet treats?
Yes No
Does your dog dig?
Yes No
How much do you feed your pet?
How often?
How did you hear about us?
Any additional information we need to know about:
On Medication:



This contract shall remain in force during all boarding dates
and will apply to any future new pet the owner acquires which may not be yet on file.

This is a contract between Angie’s Groom ‘n Board and the person or pet owner whose signature appears below, herein called the owner. Angie's Groom ‘n Board is committed to the highest standard of animal care and will not knowingly board any sick or injured pet or any pet whose vaccinations are not current. Prior to boarding, the pet owner or his/her agent agrees to provide veterinarian certification that the pets(s) to be boarded is current on all recommended vaccinations.

  1. Owner agrees to pay the current boarding rate per calendar day, from the date of arrival and through the date of departure. Example: Fri.-Sun. is 2 calendar days. Pets picked up prior to noon will not be charged for that day. Sunday pick ups count as a full day since we are open from 6p.m.-8p.m.
  2. Should your pet become ill or appear in need of medical attention, we reserve the right to administer aid and/or, to use any available veterinarian. If an emergency number is provided by the owner, owner will be contacted as soon, as is reasonably possible. If medical treatment is needed, the owner agrees that any expenses resulting from the treatment of the owner’s pet will be the responsibility of the pet owner. Owner agrees that any veterinarian involved with the care of said pet, may release any medical information pertaining to said pet, at any time before or after boarding visit. These expenses will be in addition to any other charges due upon pet’s departure.
  3. Owner agrees the owners pet will not leave Angie’s Groom ‘n Board until all charges are paid in full. Owner guarantees payment of all charges and fees related to the boarding of owner’s pet.
  4. By signing this contract and boarding your pet at Angie’s Groom ‘n Board, owner certifies that all information given about the owners pet(s) is true and accurate.
  5. Angie’s Groom ‘n Board agree to exercise reasonable care for your pet while boarding at our facility.
  6. The owner further agrees to be solely responsible and liable for any and all acts of behavior of their pet(s). This may include, but is not limited to, injury or death to pet, injury or death to another pet(s), or injury or death to a staff member or any other member of the public. Angie’s Groom ‘n Board does not assume and shall not be held liable for any damages which may accrue from any cause what so ever, including loss of pet(s) by fire, theft, running away by the pet, or damage or loss of property (ours or yours) causes by the owners pet(s) while boarding at Angie’s Groom ‘n Board.
  7. The owner represents to Angie’s Groom ‘n Board that their pet(s) have not been exposed to Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, etc. within the past 30 days prior to boarding at Angie’s Groom ‘n Board.
  8. This contract contains the entire agreement between Angie’s Groom ‘n Board and the pet(s) owner and all terms and conditions of this contract shall remain binding.
  9. If for any reason all fees and charges are not paid and it is necessary to pursue collection of said fees and charges through civil action the owner agrees that all related collection expenses and other costs shall be paid by owner of the pet(s).
  10. The pet(s) owner agrees to notify Angie’s Groom ‘n Board 24 hours in advance if there will be any change in the agreed to departure day and time.
  11. The pet(s) owner agrees that if he/she fails to pick up their pet(s) on the departure date or as agreed or fails to pay boarding charges and fees when due, their pet(s) may be turned over to the local animal shelter 7 days after the scheduled departure date.

Having read all of the above, I hereby agree by my signature below (whether "electronic" or physically written):
Signature and Date

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